Financial Staffing

The Global financial market is undergoing fluctuations that force financial institutions to become proactive and use technology as a key enabler. We partner with financial services companies to offer solutions that deliver sustainable value and transform the way companies conduct business.

Since our inception in 1998, a key focal point of our operations has been the provision of human capital and technical expertise to the Financials Sector which include the Banking, Finance, Mortgage and Secondary Mortgage Industries. Technology Ventures has the ability to support your organization's requirements to both new and existing challenges through our expertise.

Our consultants include financial analysts, Accountants, Project Managers, Econometric Analysts, as well as Underwriters, Appraisers, and Loan Mitigation Specialists.

Key to our success at finding the right talent for our clients staffing needs in our 5 step recruiting methodology (detailed below) consisting of multiple recruiter screens, technical screens, references as well as in-person office interviews with candidates:

Screening Methodology—Our 5 Step Screening Process