DevOps Engineer Mobile CI/CD & Microservices CI/CD

Location: McLean, VA

We are seeking a creative, hands-on, talented DevOps Engineer to be a member of the Labs team. As a DevOps Engineer, we are looking for someone who is passionate about building and managing mobile CI/CD pipelines and Microservices CI/CD pipelines on AWS EKS/ECS and GCP. Additionally, preferable to have deployed machine learning models using docker images to Kubernetes (EKS)/ ECS. 

You will bring solid experience in Mobile App DevOps and Microservices DevOps with Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD tools such as Spinaker, Selenium, Cucumber, Jenkins, Gradle, Bitbucket, fastlane, Jacoco/Jest, SonarCube, AWS Device Farm/Firebase. 

You will be fully utilizing AWS with services such as Cloud Formation Templates/Terraform, S3, FSx Lustre, EC2, ECS/EKS, Lambda, Route53, CloudFront, API Gateway, Istio and many more.

Responsibilities & Expectations:
•    Strong experience with developing and Managing DevOps pipelines for Mobile Applications
•    Strong experience with getting mobile applications approved and made available in iOS App Store and Android PlayStore
•    Strong experience with deploying MicroServices on EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)/ECS clusters with Devops (CI/CD) pipelines
•    Strong experience with Mobile Devops and Kubernetes/ECS and Microservices Devops architecture
•    Experience with AWS multi-site Availability Zones and Cross Region Communications & CFTs and GCP Terraform

Basic Qualifications: 
•    Bachelor’s Degree
•    At least 10+ years’ of hands-on Software Development experience
•    At least 3 years’ of experience with Mobile Application DevOps (Jenkins, Fastlane, Jacoco/Jest, Gradle, etc)
•    At least 3 years’ of experience with Kubernetes and Microservices DevOps CI/CD implementations
•    At least 3 years’ of experience with CI/CD Pipeline  (Jenkins, Cucumber, Spinaker, JIRA, Selenium)

Preferred Qualifications: 
•    Experience with setting up AI/Machine Learning DevOps Pipelines
•    Familiarity with GCP (Google Cloud) Terraform
•    At least 3 years’ of experience with ELK (Elastic Search, LogStash & Kibana)