Google Cloud & Chatbot Engineer

Location: McLean, VA

We are seeking a creative, hands-on, talented GCP/AWS cloud engineer to be a member of the Freddie Labs team. As a GCP/AWS cloud Engineer, we are looking for someone who is passionate about Infrastructure/Network buildout security, IAM & Automation. 

Having Deep knowledge and hands on experience in GCP network services, VPC, Hybrid connectivity using Anthos, application security & IAM. You will bring solid experience with GCP serverless functionality Cloud functions, monitoring, Terraform, CFTs - Cloud formation Templates (yaml), Docker, Kubernetes, pub/sub, storage and compute & Chatbot.  

Responsibilities & Expectations:
•    Strong experience in configuring and deploying Google Cloud infrastructure consisting of network architecture, application security, identity         and access management, logging, monitoring, and more.
•    Strong Experience with infrastructure configuration management tools Terraform, Ansible & Cloud Formation Templates.
•    Strong networking principles and protocols such as IP subnetting, routing, firewall rules, Virtual Private Cloud, LoadBalancer, Cloud DNS,         Cloud CDN, etc.
•    Extensive Experience hosting an application on GCP using Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud SQL, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage.
•    Strong knowledge of Application Monitoring using Google Stackdriver & Splunk integration

Basic Qualifications:
•    At least 7+ years’ of hands-on Cloud Infrastructure experience (AWS , GCP) 
•    At least 7+ years’ of hands-on Software development & Application hosting experience (GCP).
•    At least 5+ years’ of hands-on experience in writing GCP Anthos, cloud functions & AWS Lambda. 
•    At least 3 years’ of experience with GCP Terraform & AWS Cloud formation templates (Yaml) 
•    At least 3 years’ of experience with Kubernetes and microservices implementations
•    At least 3 years’ of experience with ELK (Elastic Search, LogStash & Kibana) & Splunk

Preferred Qualifications:
•    Experience with AI - Chatbot and Big Data on GCP – BigQuery, Pub/Sub, Dataproc, Dataflow.
•    Extensive experience working with container technology such as Docker, version control systems (Git/BitBucket), build management and CI/CD         tools (Jenkins).
•    Proficient in a modern scripting language for Infrastructure automation.
•    Best design, deploy and optimize FM cloud network infrastructure for high availability, reliability, performance and scale