Developer III

Location: Herndon, VA

Job Description: 

100% remote work 

Microsoft Technology Engineer to build, rollout and support enterprise collaboration solutions

Role Description: 

Developer with M365/Cloud, SharePoint, PowerShell, SQL, Web Services, HTML/JavaScript, Power BI, data and storage management experience. The role will entail collaborative efforts focused on researching, building, implementing and supporting end user collaboration platforms.
Key Job Functions & Duties
•    Experience in the Microsoft Power Platform – MS PowerApps, MS Flow, MS Forms and Power BI
•    Proven experience with MS PowerApps development methods and formulas
•    MS PowerApps canvas application development
•    MS Flow to automate business processes and build customer solutions
•    Experience with API/REST web services and data sources
•    MS Power BI to design, develop, and publish Power BI dashboard reports 
•    Develop KPI analytical Dashboards 
•    Manage, administer and support SharePoint Online collaboration sites 
•    Customize, configure and brand modern SharePoint team sites
•    Customize SharePoint Online modern forms with SPO conditional formatting
•    Team Site support build, design, permissions, content management, building solutions and reporting
•    Provide technical support for end user collaboration sites and user solutions
•    Research, build and implement End User Collaboration solutions
•    Manage, Develop and support M365 and associated applications
•    Work in a team environment and be a valuable technical asset to the team, department, company and business customers
•    Investigate, analyze and resolve Power Platform and SharePoint Online and technical problems
•    PowerShell scripting knowledge for configuration, troubleshooting and data management
•    SharePoint Designer Workflow design, analysis and troubleshooting
•    Support web technologies, such as Web Services, JavaScript, CSS and HTML
•    Prepare status reports and manage a dynamic and demanding environment
•    Experience with structured development lifecycles and technical documentation
•    Self-motivated with ability to manage and meet multiple deadlines without frequent supervision
•    Consult with customers to gather requirements and develop SharePoint based business solutions

•    5+ years of SharePoint management, configuration and troubleshooting experience
•    2+ years of supporting and building SharePoint Online, M365/Power Platform Solutions
•    Web technologies development experience (JS,CSS,HTML,XML), web services and experience with current open source JavaScript libraries
•    Excellent customer service communication skills
•    Experience with common Project Management frameworks and ability to productively work in a high pressure, team environment