Developer-UX User Interface Professional

Location: McLean, VA

Job Description:

Location: This position will be required to be onsite in McLean following COVID.

Technical Must Haves: Must have React or React.js, JavaScript, experience with unit testing - (ideally Jest, React Testing Library), Material UI is what's currently being used and is preferred but other popular modern UI libraries are okay. Should have some CI/CD and deployment experience.

Soft Skill Must Haves: Work ethic is key here. A self-starter with initiative. Someone who can motivate themselves to go above and beyond. Adaptability is also important, changes can happen quickly and this person will need to roll with the punches.

Schedule: Standard 40 hours.

Project Info / Reason for Opening: This is a backfill for a position on the Mercury Plus Project (ICM) - The project is focused on an automated forecasting application for compiling and reviewing projected data sets.



1. Developing new highly-responsive user-facing features using React.js 2. Building reusable components and frontend libraries for future use 3. Understanding business requirements and translate them into intuitive user experiences 4. Translating designs and wireframes into high quality code (e.g. InVisionApp or Axure) 5. Developing a flexible and well-structured frontend architecture, along with the APIs to support it 6. Optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable devices and browsers 7. Constructing visualizations that can depict vast amounts of financial data


Technical Skills

1. 4-6 years of experience with modern JavaScript framework experience—specifically React.js 2. Thorough understanding of React.js (JSX) and its core principles; 3. Strong proficiency in JavaScript, JavaScript object model, RESTful APIs, DOM, and the relevant concepts 4. Proficient understanding of Progress Web Applications (PWA), and Single Page Applications (SPA) 5. Proficient understanding of the React build chain through Webpack/Rollup 6. Experience with popular React.js workflows (such as Redux or ContextAPI) and data structure libraries 7. Experience with popular modern UI libraries, preferably Material UI 8. Sufficient knowledge of NodeJS 9. Experience with modern frontend build pipelines and tools (e.g. dependency management using NPM, YARN) 10. Experience with browser-based debugging, and error checking 11. Automated unit testing tools such as Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library, and end-to-end testing tools such as Protractor, estCafe, Nightwatch, Cypress, or other Selenium-based technologies 12. Experience with code versioning tools such as git 13. Great time-management, interpersonal and communication skills 14. Positive, can-do attitude