Release Train Engineer - Offsite

Location: Remote, VA

As a valued leader on our team, the Release Train Engineer’s major responsibilities are to facilitate the Agile Release Train events and processes and assist the teams in delivering value. This role actively communicates with stakeholders, escalates impediments, manages risks, and drives continuous improvement.


The Release Train Engineer role will offer you the flexibility to make each day your own, while working alongside people who care so that you can deliver on the following responsibilities:

  • Manage and optimize the flow of value through the ART and Solution Train using various tools
  • Establish and communicate the annual calendars for Iterations and Program Increments (PIs)
  • Summarize Team PI Objectives into Program PI Objectives and publish them for visibility and transparency
  • Assist with economic decision-making by facilitating feature and capability estimation by teams and the roll-up to Epics, where necessary
  • Coach leaders, teams, and Scrum Masters in Lean-Agile practices and mindsets
  • Help manage risks and dependencies
  • Escalate and track impediments


Minimum Required Experiences

  • 6 years

Desired Experiences

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent


  • Adept at managing project plans, resources, and people to ensure successful project completion
  • Ability to effectively lead teams, facilitate meetings, influence others, and resolve conflict
  • Experience gathering accurate information to explain concepts and answer critical questions
  • Skilled in the graphical representation of information in the form of a charts, diagrams, pictures, and dashboards with programs and tools such as Excel, Tableau, or Power BI
  • The group of skills related to Relationship Management including managing and engaging stakeholders, customers, and vendors, building relationship networks, contracting, etc.
  • Skilled in presenting information and/or ideas to an audience in a way that is engaging and easy to understand
  • Experience helping an organization to plan and manage change in effort to meet strategic objectives
  • SAFe Certified is preferred
  • The group of skills related to Operational Excellence including improving and overseeing operations
  • Working with people with different functional expertise respectfully and cooperatively to work toward a common goal
  • The group of skills related to Communication including communicating in writing or verbally, planning and distributing communications
  • The group of skills related to Risk Assessment and Management including evaluating and designing controls, conducting impact assessments, identifying control gaps, remediating risk, etc.
  • Experience in the process of analyzing data to identify trends or relationships to inform conclusions about the data
  • Skilled in creating visual concepts, creating content, and editing content by hand or with the help with computer software to communicate ideas
  • Determining causes of operating errors and taking corrective action


  • Skilled in JIRA
  • Skilled in Visio
  • Skilled in Excel
  • Experience using SharePoint
  • Experience using scheduling software to book events
Skilled in Tableau