IT Project Manager Professional

Location: McLean, VA

We are leading a transformation in the MF BTO and looking for a Highly Motivated and Collaborative Leader to come be a part of our exciting journey. You will be able to make your mark as a leader, influencing outcomes, guiding transformation, and reimagining how the BTO, Technology, Business, and Enterprise organizations collaborate together.

Here are some key things that you will need to have to be successful in this function:

Core Competencies:
- For this specific role, you will have to have a very strong background in working with multiple organizations and connecting the dots with regards to priorities and any overlaps and impacts to MF BTO’s roadmaps
- You are an excellent collaborator and can engage with various levels of Shared Enterprise teams and Business stakeholders across the organization, finding and building relationships with the appropriate stakeholders
- You can quickly and effectively assess impact to MF BTO priorities based on various requests from the multiple teams and ask the hard questions
- You are an advocate for the MF BTO with the Enterprise organizations and Business to ensure our priorities are understood and represented
- You are persistent in working through the complex organizations and processes to get the answers you need. You not only identify the problems, but bring the positive attitude to define solutions
- You can pivot quickly as Enterprise, Business, and MF BTO priorities change
- You embrace change and innovation…push the boundaries of what is possible
- You embody a can-do attitude and work through issues that get presented
- You have a strong understanding of budgets and financial acumen as it pertains to MF BTO
- Excellent communicator that can engage with all levels of the organization (C-suite to administrator)
- You have a strong ability to manage stress, multi-task, and balance ever changing priorities

Key Expectations:
• This is an individual contributor role
• You are responsible for driving the MF BTO strategy and vision with the Enterprise organization’s roadmaps and strategies
• You are an executor as well as the visionary force behind the priorities that get developed and agreed to with our Enterprise partners
• You will be accountable for the relationship management, prioritization, and communication between MF BTO, Multifamily Business, and our Enterprise partners
• You must be able to navigate complex cross-functional teams within the Enterprise organizations within various levels of management
• You are expected to be the gatekeeper of all new priorities that are presented by the Enterprise organization and responsible for assessing impact and financial implications to MF BTO
• Proven track record of establishing relationships with multiple Enterprise and Lines of Business organizations to drive out priorities, roadmaps, financials, and resourcing for the MF BTO
• Manage relationships with key Technology and Business stakeholders/partners
• Strong written and verbal communication skills, you will be responsible for interfacing and influencing with the Enterprise organizations and business lines as well as others across IT.
• Constantly look for better ways of solving complex problems and designing the solution, not afraid to challenge the status quo.
• Establish framework and strategy for intake of new projects/requests from the Enterprise organizations, in conjunction, with the MF BTO VMS team
• Able to put together executive summaries, overviews of roadmaps, financials, and priorities that can be communicated within the MF BTO & Business organizations

Keys to Success in this Role:
• Excellent self-directed contributor, collaborator and fantastic teammate
• A spirit for innovation and ability to work in the space of “no longer” and “not yet”
• Ability to quickly comprehend the functions and capabilities of new technology and new priorities
• Being able to build strong relationships with our Enterprise and Business partners
• Not only knowing what the right solution is, but being able to clearly articulate to all stakeholders why it’s the right solution
• Knowing when it’s okay to compromise and when it’s worth fighting for what’s right
• Strong understanding of development and release management practices

Basic Experience:
• Previous experience driving prioritization, financial management, and strategy milestones across multiple Enterprise organizations
• 7-10 yrs of engaging with Enterprise organizations and IT stakeholders
• Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or equivalent experience; advanced studies/degree preferred.

High level Skills (we are sure you will have more):
• Project Management: Project (for roadmaps); Tableau and Planview (preferred, but not required)
• Presentation Skills: Visio and PowerPoint
• Requirements: Word
• Financial: Excel
• Experience with tools such as Jira, Confluence preferred

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.