1002 - Sr. IT Engineer

Location: Washington, DC

Must have skills 
• Must have Automation Skills : i.e., has automated processes before and is capable of conceptualizing how one might automate a build and deployment process 
• Must have Subversion experience (Importing and setting up repositories, projects and working with various branching models) 
• Must have UNIX scripting – Scripting in Perl, Python, or UNIX Korn shell to automate data collection and processes related to change management tools 
• Must have Basic Java Development 
• Someone who is energetic and passionate about their work, extremely positive, and solution driven 
• Someone who has worked on large teams, on projects that have different business owners 
• Experience working with business and technical staffs to define, document, and track software requirements and design 
• Someone who has a strong customer focus 

Years of relevant experience 
• 5 to 8 year of relevant experience 

Non-technical skills 
• Excellent communication skills 
• Demonstrated strong organizational, problem solving and analytical skills as it pertains to testing software and providing operational support. 
• Must be a self-starter and resourceful in building knowledge 
• Attention to detail is critical for this role