Facilities Specialist

Location: Reston, VA

Position Purpose:
Provide facility services in 3 northern VA buildings to support use of the facilities for business and special events. Manage contractors providing services. Develop, implement, document, and ensure adherence to practices and procedures. Recommend updates and improvements to facilities. Provide coaching to a developing Fannie Mae Facility Manager.

Key Job Functions:
Position is an on call, 24/7 position

Manage day-to-day activities related to facilities services such as HVAC issues, light facility improvement projects, grounds maintenance, building maintenance, and equipment maintenance
Confer with corporate and business unit managers to determine scope and method of facilities services required
Conduct QA and energy audits of the facilities and grounds
Perform root cause analysis on facility issues for both equipment and process

Organize and Prioritize facility corrections, repairs, and improvements
Identify and implement best practices and procedures for pertinent facilities service functions. Identify opportunities to streamline and automate. Improve efficiencies to reduce costs
Manage all service contractors and related procurement needs
Collaborate with other Facilities staff and management concerned with security, building systems, and maintenance and with business unit management concerning special events, large moves, occupancy issues, and the like
Coordinate and administer assignments, monitor contractor progress, and maintain schedules. Develop team members and provide ongoing professional guidance and direction