Information Security Architect Specialist

Location: Reston, VA

Three Primary Categories:

Centralized Configuration/Automated Deployment/Environment Support

• Support and Implement tool/agent deployment

• Ensure environment configuration is developed according to the standards laid out by the DevSecOps team

• Predict effects of configuration changes, identify applications bottlenecks and opportunities to optimize performance


Automation Opportunities

• Automate mundane manual tasks where ever possible

• Prototype new tool & technologies based on organizational strategy


DevOps Best Practice

• Application of standard DevOps principles, theories, concepts, and techniques.

• Provides resolutions to an assortment of problems



• Good working knowledge of Artifactory, TeamForge Git, Ansible/Chef/Puppet, Bladelogic, Jenkins

• Experience with scripting languages using Unix, Python, Bash and Golang


Preferred Qulifications:

Experience with Java/JavaScript

Experience with AWS


• Manage web access management infrastructure

• Design and develop information security engineering solutions

• Knowledge of:

- IAM Oracle Identity Manager


- Identity Federation