DLP Technical Analyst Specialist (Temp to Hire)

Location: Herndon, VA

•Lead the effort of defining new and enhancing existing DLP policies in accordance with the change control process.
•Work closely with the Platform Security team in the process of defining DLP Policies.
•Work in conjunction with the DLP Team members to understand business and Governance requirements to be defined as DLP policies.  
•Tune policies based on False Positive and Business Process analysis.
•Audit policies to reduce the number of redundant policies.
•Tune response rules to remove redundant condition parameters. 
•Audit User Roles and Users to eliminate stale roles/accounts and ensure Roles are properly setup.
•Develop a process by which incident retention is in accordance with corporate requirements.  
•Work with the CSOC and CSIRT teams as required to enhance monitoring and to develop an incident response process by which DLP incidents are addressed based on policy and severity.
•Provide support in defining and building upon metrics and reporting to enhance understanding of program development and maturity. 
•Build, develop, and maintain relationships with internal and external customers, and vendors to formulate DLP solutions for Freddie Mac in our rapidly changing technology landscape and move towards the Cloud.  
•Provide support in defining and documenting DLP processes/procedures to meet the objectives detailed in the DLP Charter and align with Governance requirements. 
•Support remediation of DLP gaps identified from various sources as part of the DLP Program establishment effort.
• Excellent written and oral communication"