Java/J2EE Developer Specialist (6 month Temp to Hire)

Location: New York, NY

Build and support trading data transmission, storage and analysis for Freddie Mac’s Investments and Capital Markets Retained Portfolio business. You will be using 12-factor app dev methodologies, with continuous delivery to elastic public cloud runtime environments. Working closely with and sitting in close quarters with traders, and developers of risk and pricing systems, we develop using formal Agile methods, deliver often, recover from errors quickly, to produce high quality, high value technology products. Developers will produce application and testing code – our development methodology emphasizes entirely automated testing. The team environment promotes sharing, teaching and learning. 

Client-Facing Requirements and Issue Analysis

•    Engage business users to define the requirements and design for an array of tools supporting the Capital Markets Retained Portfolio business
•    Discuss options and help clients understand pros and cons of different approaches
•    Develop prototypes to drive understanding of requirements
•    Support issue resolution and completion of ad-hoc requests in support of completion of deals

Full-Stack Development and Prototyping

•    Rapidly develop right-sized production-quality systems in Python, Java, SQL, bash, Javascript, and modern data management technologies, to solve immediate business challenges. 
•    Drive innovation – develop elegant solutions that scale with growth, working closely with users to anticipate change, and refactoring code when opportunity arises.
•    Develop automated testing suites: Unit tests, black-box regression tests and production ready smoke tests, using an array of testing technologies to ensure high quality software.


•    5+ years design, development, integration and testing of software solutions
•    Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field
•    Strong Python (v3)
•    Good working knowledge of Java 1.8
•    Strong skill in SQL (SQL Server or Sybase or Postgresql)
•    Strong verbal and written communications

Desirable Technology Skills 

•    Modern IDEs, GIT, Maven/Gradle, Jenkins, Junit with Mockito
•    Fitnesse or Cucumber
•    Docker
•    Kubernetes
•    Hadoop
•    Spark
•    AWS

Desirable Business skills

•    FINRA Trace data sets
•    Automated Compliance Monitoring
•    Freddie Mac Investments and Capital Markets business 
•    Fixed Income capital markets
•    Mortgage backed securities

Specific initial tasks – we are looking for someone with strong hands-on data management skills. 

1.      Enhanced Trace data: we have two separate tables for different adjacent time periods in Dev, we’d like to combine them and put into Prod
2.      Daily Trace data: We process the Trace data (matching rolls, removing cancelled transactions, etc.) and store in a local (SQLite)  file-based database. The data could be saved in a production database or at the very least saved in a more robust DB.
3.      RDID mapping to Pools.  We get daily updates of RDID mapping to pools, but these are not being stored. We want to store the history of deltas and begin storing the daily updates in a database. As a separate task, further processing (using some historical master file and the daily updates) will be needed to create a historical mapping at a given point in time. We would also like to link in the CUSIP from the pool number/issuer, which is available on EMBS and Bloomberg.
4.      Finra tables. Finra produces daily trading reports in spreadsheets that we convert to a single file from which we can query. We would like this automated and put into a database.
5.      Fed primary dealer data. The NY Fed provides an API for pulling this. We would like to automate these pulls and save in a database.