DevOp Engineer (IT Engineer III)

Location: Bethesda, MD

Job Information

DevOps Engineers are responsible for creating infrastructure designs and guiding the development and implementation of cloud applications, systems and processes. This position will be working directly with application developers, usually embedded within the web/cloud development team itself.  The candidate will need to be able to handle multiple tasks in a fast paced team environment.

Key Job Functions

• Enhance our Site Reliability Engineering practice by automating manual business and IT processes

• Automate infrastructure in Amazon Web Services with Terraform and CloudFormation

• Build and maintain infrastructure on AWS environment

• Automate backup and restoration processes and test the recovery of those backups on a regular basis

• Build CI/CD pipeline configurations to orchestrate provisioning and deployment of both large and small scale systems

• Write unit tests and integration tests to validate infrastructure code

•  Identify engineering defects in the existing code base and constantly improve the code quality

• Automate monitoring tools such as Splunk and Amazon CloudWatch to monitor system health and reliability to support high uptime requirements

• Actively support operational teams and other stakeholder teams to maintain business continuation and maintain customer satisfaction



• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, MIS or related technical field required.

Minimum Experience 

• Minimum 3 years related work experience in DevOps technologies

Specialized Knowledge & Skills    

• Advanced technical and programming skills (Python, Java, etc.)

• Understanding of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment methodologies

• Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services

• Infrastructure scripting experience with maven, linux/bash, groovy, powershell a plus