Data Analyst I

Location: Reston, VA

Data Analyst / Technical Writer (MyServices Demand Module full documentation)

Current Need:
MyServices Demand Module full documentation.

Because this is our core operation for not only Demand Intake, but is used for Server provisioning and internal financial invoicing (chargeback process). Operational consistency can be achieved when all fields and how each field is used, tracked, mapped, are documented. A manual that includes diagrams, table listings and workflows is needed. This will also be helpful when we migrate to a new system in the near future.

A full time resource is needed that has My Services and advanced technical writing skills
The resource will need to work closely with the MyServices development team and the SMEs on the business side of the process. There are a few ‘knowledge articles’ that some SMEs have written that can be used as a guidance for how to get started.
The activity for the resource would be to document current state of the MyServices Demand module as Hosting uses it today. Once completed, Suresh/Balaji team would maintain/update with each release (that would need to be a requirement to maintain the document’s accuracy)