CMS Content Administrator

Location: McLean, VA

Required Skills:
5 years of experience managing content through a CMS platform (Freddie Mac uses Crown Peak and Oracle, but they will also look at someone with Oracle, TeamSite, Drupal, Sitecore, AEM, etc.)

Job Summary:
We are seeking a CMS Content Administrator. The CMS Content Administrator is responsible for creation, administration, and publication of digital content (copy, images, video, hyperlinks, SEO metadata, taxonomy terms, etc.). Further responsibilities include template creation, content authoring and modification for regular releases and scheduled updates.

The CMS Content Administrator works with many projects including website maintenance, redesigns, and development. While working on these teams, you will make recommendations for both new and existing content that will appear on websites for clients. The content administrator works closely with both the technical team to maintain site standards and with the creative team to uphold site design. The job of the content admins is to create a managerial process and workflow for content maintenance and governance within the company.

Required Skills:
Manage content through a CMS platform (Drupal, Sitecore, AEM, etc.)
Keep track of content with an online manager, GatherContent
An eye for creating online marketing and design-appealing content
Preferred but not required knowledge of HTML and CSS code
Ability to work on a team with fast-paced projects and self-learning
Tasks require strong attention to detail and willingness to work under a deadline

Required Experience:
Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in English, Communications, Technical Writing, or other related field
At least 5 years of experience working in a content management system preferred
Digital media experience preferred, especially with marketing copy, website development, and copy writing