Python Developer Specialist

Location: McLean, VA

Position Overview
The position is focused on python development for corporate forecasting.  The team has the broad goal of developing components for a software application platform that will produce enterprise level reporting based on financial statements and models.  The candidate will build, test, and deploy program and reporting components, leverage shared service components and collaborate with other IT groups, Data Services, and Analytics teams to assist in the development of the application.

•    Development
o    Develop and maintain high-quality software code and automated tests (including Unit, Functional, Performance, Acceptance) for web interface application that integrates data, analytics, and reporting components.
o    Promote industry-leading design practices for a mission-critical application.  Requirements include:
¿    Predictable results: changes in code can be proven to be correct and bug-free
¿    Production resilience: system must be highly available with minimal downtime
¿    High performance: develop scalable calculations to maintain performance over large data sets
¿    Responsiveness: system will be near real-time
•    Documentation & Review
o    Communication: Clear and articulate written and verbal communication.
o    Detailed reviews: Challenge code and test quality, efficacy and coverage
o    May assist other areas of financial research and engineering when defining and working on requirements for system applications.
•    Collaboration & Implementation
o    Workflow: Assist in the documentation, development, and maintenance of workflow tracking and interactive tools to record user activity and provide audit trail.

Technical Skills 
•    Experience writing Python code at a professional level is required.
•    Comfort developing object-oriented applications is required.
•    Automated unit and integration testing (e.g., Junit, Mockito, JaCoCo, pytest)
•    Version control (e.g., Git/GitLab, SVN)
•    Continuous integration tools (e.g., Jenkins, Gradle/Maven)
•    Finance knowledge, ideally of fixed income products and derivatives
•    Docker, Linux, Big data technologies in Hadoop ecosystem (e.g., Apache Spark, HDFS)
•    N-Tier RESTful web services
•    Professional level development experience with JavaScript, React, HTML/CSS, Node JS, desired but not necessary.

Preferred Qualifications
•    Bachelor’s degree, ideally in Financial Engineering, Computer Science, or a related quantitative discipline
•    Object-oriented programming (e.g., in Java, Python, or C#)
•    Relational databases (e.g., Sybase/DB2/SQL Server)