Spend Compass

The SpendCOMPASS solution suite (powered by Binary Fountain) includes powerful spend analytics and dynamic dashboard reporting modules that increase transparency, visibility, and accountability throughout the enterprise. The application enables organizations to consolidate, enrich, classify, and optimize both spend and procurement data from disparate internal and external data sources and presents the data in a user-friendly role-based environment.

Solutions Deployed

FedView Dashboard

The FedView Dashboard was designed specifically to streamline Federal procurement reporting and enable proactive monitoring of total expenditure, including small and disadvantaged business utilization performance vs. goals. Federal procurement data is aggregated daily from multiple sources and presented in our user-friendly and visually impressive Dashboard interface. The solution enables internal office personnel (departments, bureaus, divisions, etc.) with access to their own unique dashboard that reports their office procurement data.

Small Business Program & OSDBU Challenges

Federal Agency OSBPs & OSDBUs are tasked with tracking their small and disadvantaged businesses utilization performance versus goals in procuring products and services from various contractors. Collecting expenditure data from the various Federal data sources (internal & external) and producing agency centric reports are both difficult and extremely time consuming. Oftentimes, agencies must manually reference internal data sources with publically available procurement data in order to create necessary small business utilization reports by Program Offices, Bureaus, Regions, Departments, etc.

Transparency & Accountability

Agencies have the option to enable a public dashboard that provides citizens with pre-configured reports and charts to immediately promote transparency and accountability. Agencies can apply internal goals by various metrics with preconfigured alerts and notifications. The user-friendly environment allows both technical and non-technical users the ability to personalize their dashboard to reflect only the reports and visualizations that are of interest.

Sample Metrics

Internal Office (Sub-Agency, Department, Bureau, Etc.) Congressional Districts Dollars/Percentages Socioeconomic Category (Small Business, SDB, HUBZone, etc.) Trends: Fiscal/Calendar Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Day Stacks: Small Business vs. Large Business Performance vs. Goals With/Without SBA Exclusions Geospatial Analysis

ProcureView Dashboard

The ProcureView Dashboard is a hosted, web-based reporting tool that consolidates, analyzes, separates, categorizes, and summarizes procurement data and provides tabular and graphical presentation of spend with intuitive drill-down capabilities. The dashboard allows state and local government clients to integrate various internal and external data sources such as accounting systems, P-card transactions, e-procurement systems, etc. The ProcureView Dashboard is a dynamic and easy-to-use spend analytics tool that provides clients with a variety of visualizations and tables that include trending categories, monitoring performance vs. goals/targets, tabular reports, drill-down visualizations and time period trends.

Sourcing Analytics

Sourcing data from the government eProcurement system is brought into the ProcureView Dashboard to produce analytical reports and dynamic dashboards surrounding sourcing/RFx activities. The in-depth insights provided with sourcing analytics will ultimately provide users with the capacity for better strategic sourcing for ongoing cost savings. A complete spend and procurement dashboard reporting solution captures the entire procurement life cycle including budgeting, requisitioning, sourcing, and performance.

Sentiment Analysis

The ProcureView Dashboard solution suite includes an array of data forecasting models that are applied to the total spend and procurement data. The Predictive Analysis data model continuously monitors both historic and current spend/budgets and generates forecasting spend reports that showcase spend, savings and on-budget metrics.

Performance Benchmarking and Competitor Watch

Commodity analysis Catalog vs. Non-Catalog Socioeconomic Utilization Cost Avoidance (Cost Savings) Purchase Orders Purchase Requisitions Internal department, bureau, division, etc. Requisitioner/Buyer/Purchasing Agent

DiversityView Dashboard

The DiversityView Dashboard provides small business program offices with operational and spending analytics that improves transparency, accountability, compliance, and collaboration throughout the enterprise. The application enables small business programs to optimize their suppliers and spending performance by integrating disparate data from across the enterprise value chain and allowing leadership to make more informed and actionable decisions.

Monitor, Track & Trend Diversity Business Spend

The DiversityView solution utilizes dynamic dashboard visualizations and reports to allow our clients to intuitively set performance goals, analyze spending details, and actively track small and diversity business utilization. This leads to more effective program execution and oversight through increased reporting accuracy. It also strengthens program accountability and measures performance based on progress against expected outcomes.

Subcontractor (2nd Tier) Compliance

The Subcontractor Compliance Module also supports a unique process that will allow the vendors automatically generates an email message to the subcontractor requiring them to corroborate the subcontractor transaction either by visiting the subcontractor interface, or by mailing in a signed document to DMBE for approval. This will formalize the process of verification of the subcontractor transaction data by all parties involved in the contracting process.

Topic Intelligence

The Vendor Certification Module addresses the needs of your organization with a comprehensive process that allows managers to track and monitor diversity registration applications, drive adoption and achieve corporate objectives. The process allows users to systematically monitor and manage small and diverse supplier certification statuses, access the most accurate supplier database, and proactively identify opportunities for increased diversity spend in the organization.