Technology Ventures' benefits are designed to help our employees meet their unique personal, family, and financial needs. Our flexible and competitive compensation packages make life and work more enjoyable and rewarding.

At Technology Ventures, employee benefits are designed to meet the evolving personal, family, and financial needs of our exceptional workers. Technology Ventures' employees are our most valued resources; therefore, flexible and competitive compensation packages are offered. The following value-driven employee benefits help to make life and work more enjoyable and rewarding for our employees:

Health, Vacation, 401(K) and other Benefits

Benefits at Technology Ventures
  • Health Insurance/Medical Prescription Benefits: Technology Ventures’ health Insurance and medical prescription plan is specially designed to meet the unique needs of our employees. Employees can choose from one of our health plans from leading National Health Care providers. Employee contributions are dependent on the plan selected.
  • Vision Plan: Includes routine eye examinations, eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • Dental Plan Benefits: Our traditional dental coverage plan allows employees freedom to see dentists of their choice.
  • Short Term Disability plan: Technology Ventures provides short term disability coverage for our full time employees to protect our employees from loss of income if the employee cannot work due to short-term illness, injury or illness.
  • 401(K) Retirement Savings Plan: Our 401K plan through Fidelity Investments allows employees to set aside pre-tax earnings towards their retirement. Our 401K plan offers an array of investment options including mutual funds to meet long- term financial goals.
  • Direct Deposit: All employees are paid by direct deposit bi-weekly.
  • Paid Annual Leave: Full time salaried employees are eligible for 10 days of accrued vacation/personal time off per year.
  • Holidays: Full time salaried employees are eligible for 10 paid Holidays in a calendar year

Career Growth Benefits:

  • Technology Ventures is committed to encouraging employee development and career development. We offer our employees a variety of opportunities to further their careers. Among the programs we offer:
    • Training Programs: We offer many career development training programs in the areas of management, technical, communications, professional development, business intelligence, and client specific businesses.
  • Our mentorship program designed to establish mentoring as a core value at Technology Ventures. The program consists of several components designed to provide employees with tools to build and maintain relationships and to enhance personal and professional growth:
    • An opportunity for our new employees to be matched up with other senior employees in their technical disciplines who can mentor them and help them add value at the client sites
    • Our mentors are top performers and participate in our program voluntarily to help other Technology Ventures employees get used to new environments at the client site and to help with their ongoing career development; and for help with specific client related questions