Python Developer

Location: McLean, VA

Responsibilities include:
• Engineer capable of designing solutions, writing code, testing code, automating test and deployment
• Develop and maintain high-quality software code and automated tests (including Unit, Functional, Performance, Acceptance) for web interface application that integrates data, analytics, and reporting components
• Predictable results: changes in code can be proven to be correct and bug-free
• Production resilience: system must be highly available with minimal downtime
• High performance: develop scalable calculations to maintain performance over large data sets
• Ready, willing, and able to pick up new technologies and pitch in on story tasks (design, code, test, CI/CD, deploy, etc.)

Technical Skills :
Experience writing Python code and RESTful web services using framework such as Flask, FastAPI etc. in a professional environment
Back End Skills: Python, Django/Flask/FastAPI, NumPy, pandas and Relational Database
Automation Testing: Pytest, Unitest, Monkey patch, pytest-mockito etc.
Build CI/CD Tools: gradle, Jenkins, git, Conda, pip, Jira, Gitlab, Confluence
DevOps: Docker

Preferred Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree, ideally in Financial Engineering, Computer Science, or a related quantitative discipline
• Professional level development experience with JavaScript, React, HTML/CSS desired but not necessary.