Social Compass

Customer, viewer, patient, and individual opinions are migrating online, often scattered throughout various social media, blogs, review/rating, and conventional media sites. The innovative SocialCOMPASS platform (powered by Binary Fountain) transforms volumes of both structured solicited feedback and unstructured social media content into actionable information in order to improve operations, drive growth, boost your online reputation, and engage with current and potential customers.

Industries Served



SocialCOMPASS for Healthcare enables medical practices and hospitals to more effectively monitor social media and solicited patient feedback, benchmark performance, optimize operations, boost online presence, and track patient experience from referral physicians. Collecting changing opinions about your practice from hundreds and thousands of patients is easier said than done, especially when utilizing traditional surveys. In addition to survey data, more and more patient feedback is migrating online into various social media and review sites and blogs. Binary Fountain’s Patient Satisfaction Index (PSI) eliminates these challenges, optimizes processes and provides you with the most complete and reliable look into the sentiment of your patients.

Social Media Monitoring & Benchmarking

Immediately identify areas of strength and weakness throughout your practice based on your patients’ feedback. Internal and External benchmarking allows you to compare the PSI for each of your practice locations and/or against local competition. This enables proactive decision making to improve operations and the overall satisfaction of your patients

Referring Physicians

The Patient Experience Dashboard also enables practices to immediately visualize which patients other physicians referred to their office. The practice can then see the PSI of their patients by each and every referring physician. This feature provides an incredibly valuable level of insight and will assist practices in their marketing efforts.

Tablet/Mobile Patient Surveys

After an appointment, patients will quickly complete a brief survey on an office tablet to rate their experience. Tablet surveys are incredibly easy and enjoyable to complete by patients of all ages. Tablet surveys ensure a high volume of patient experience data and thus, a more accurate patient satisfaction index (PSI).


SocialCOMPASS for Hospitality continuously monitors, tracks and trends online customer reviews, comments and conversations from all relevant sources such as blogs, conventional media and social media sites including TripAdvisor, Yelp, Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Facebook, Twitter, and many others. The feedback data is organized by brand and distilled into unique operational categories such as overall satisfaction, quality, service, ambiance, etc. Our Natural Language Processor (NLP) Engine processes unstructured data and determines the overall sentiment.

Sentiment Analysis

The built-in Natural Language Processor (NLP) categorizes all online content and associates a sentiment grade/score based on whether the feedback was positive, negative or neutral. The NLP engine combined with our unique slicers enables powerful drill-down for deeper insights.

Performance Benchmarking and Competitor Watch

Actively monitor, track and trend your customer satisfaction and benchmark your performance either internally against various locations or against competitors.

Author Watch & Engagement

Immediately see who is posting online with Author Watch and engage with that reviewer without having to leave the dashboard.


SocialCOMPASS for Government harvests and aggregates online citizen feedback from social media and traditional media sites to provide deeper insight into perceptions surrounding political campaigns. Real-time citizen feedback, detailed citizen sentiment cards, election sentiment trends, and trending topic analysis provide political candidates with powerful insights that can be leveraged in future messaging to constituents. Side-by-side comparisons across key campaign issues allow candidates to identify areas of relative strength and weakness, assess meaningful discussion points, and deliver targeted messages.

Topic Intelligence

Provides a visual representation of key topics and issues citizens are talking about most in election campaigns. Topics are identified by color, with green being positive and red negative. Larger font equates to more frequent online discussions.

Candidate & Representative Perception

Understand Citizens’ perception of political representatives across a number of issues and extract meaningful insight into what citizens perceive well and those issues they perceive poorly. Identify at a high level the citizen sentiment performance cards associated with each of the various issues and representatives.

Competitive Learning

Compare candidates with their competitors across a multitude of campaign issues (including reputation, operational initiatives, etc.). Identify candidate benchmarks across operational initiatives. Identify areas of competitive advantage and disadvantage to formulate targeted outreach efforts on those topics, identify key messaging, and mitigate relative disadvantages.