We provide analytical and dashboard based solutions that combine leading edge data analytics with social media monitoring to give customers a real time 360 degree view of their business. Our solutions are tailored by industry and segment. To read more details about our solutions, please click on the links below or see the summary descriptions below:


Fed View

Streamline federal procurement reporting and enable proactive monitoring of small and disadvantaged business utilization performance vs. goals. Federal procurement data is aggregated daily from multiple sources and presented in our user friendly and visually appealing dashboard with contract detail and agency-centric reports. The solution enables internal office personnel (departments, bureaus, divisions, etc.) with access to a unique dashboard that reports their office procurement data.

Procure View

Provides in-depth spend analytics around state/local government procurement expenditure with an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard interface. Users are equipped with powerful spend intelligence that allows for benchmarking performance, measuring results and identifying cost savings opportunities. Seamless drill-down functionality allows users to easily navigate from overall state/agency spend to individual line item detail.

Diversity View

State and local governments often have great difficulty reporting supplier diversity utilization numbers due to data being buried in multiple data sources. The DiversityView Dashboard solution helps promote transparency and accountability in government procurement and spend by integrating the various data systems and enabling officials to report accurate and up-to-date information. Clients have reported an increase in the utilization of diversity businesses from 15% to 42% in as little as two years


Patient Experience

The Patent Experience Dashboard includes a suite of modules that help medical practices and hospitals more effectively monitor patient feedback, benchmark performance, optimize operations, boost online presence, and track patient volume from referral physicians. The Patient Satisfaction Index (PSI) aggregates online social media content as well as on-site tablet survey data and provides detailed patient sentiment intelligence by operational category and referral physician.

Online Customer Intelligence (OCI)

The Online Customer Intelligence Dashboard extracts online feedback from social media sources and distills the data into actionable operational context for companies and government organizations. This enables our clients to integrate social media customer feedback into their operational decision making process. Our solution provides detailed sentiment analytics around their agency, company, and brand as well as programs, initiatives, policies and people.